Inspirational Guidance and Motivation for Adults

The Foundation seeks to motivate families and family members to reach their highest potential from a physical, intellectual, and psychological point of view.

It does this with the publication of A Compass Rose, a collection of inspirational essays.



Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that each of us has within a compass setting that gives our lives direction. COMPASS ROSE is the nautical term for a circular disc or card with radiating lines that provides direction.

Basis for Project

Some of us can recall a defining moment in our lives: an individual or an experience that helped give our lives direction.

These sentiments are eloquently expressed by Dr. Viktor E. Frankl in his essay and his selection of the Psalm of Life by Longfellow to follow his essay.

Robert M. Nelson, M.D.

Robert M. Nelson, M.D. wrote an essay about a childhood bout with tuberculosis and the influence his grandfather had on his early childhood.   (Read Essay)

Dr. Viktor E. Frankl

Author of Man’s Search For Meaning writes of the deepest experiences he had in the death camp at Auschwitz and the lessons learned and follows them with his favorite poem, Psalm of Life by Longfellow.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Dr. Peale writes of a boyhood experience with his father and follows this with two passages of Scripture key to his book The Power of Positive Thinking.

Rabbi Andre Ungar

A distinguished Rabbi writes of childhood bouts with asthma and how his life was influenced. His essay is followed by a compelling Psalm.

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