Our Mission

The Meland Foundation is a public charity that provides medical and health information, inspiration and financial support to caregivers, families and children facing serious illness, and encouragement and financial support to those medical service providers who are dedicated to helping these families.

Meland Foundation volunteers visit Montefiore Hospital, drawing and reading Hang On, Hester!

Meland Foundation trustees visit Montefiore Hospital, drawing and reading Hang On, Hester!

Our goal is to work in cooperation with the personal physician:

To enable family members to make the best decisions concerning their health on the advice of their physician.

To build hope and provide guidance and motivation to all family members, with a special emphasis on the poor and those in ill health.

To strive to develop the highest potential of all family members.

To foster individuals to lead a life of service in behalf of others.


The latest recipients of Meland’s Nursing Scholarships are:

2024 Recipient of Meland Foundation Nursing Scholarship:  
                      Natalie Kasper DNP degree Villanova University

Check here for more information on these deserving winners.

Click here for list of prior recipients.

Youth Programs in after-school wellness program are designed to help at-risk youth lead healthier, richer lives through the Shirvan Live Well Center. 

Karen Hanson compassion awards add encouragement for children of all ages.  

Englewood Hospital

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center located in Englewood, New Jersey is our headquarters and host hospital.

For a list of all participating hospitals, click here.

Our four programs are:

  1. “Hang on, Hester!” — Hope and Encouragement for Children
  2. Medical Information for Families
  3. Nursing Scholarships
  4. Compassion Awards

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