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The Meland Foundation is pleased to announce our most recent nurse scholarship winners.


Abigail Felix, MS, RN

Abigail Felix, MS, RN
Doctor of Nursing Practice student at Columbia University
Specialty:  Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Bilingual English and Spanish

She currently works in two Pediatric Primary Care Clinics in New York.

Ms. Felix received her undergraduate degree in Sociology in 2012 and a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling in 2014.  After this she worked in the field for two years before pursuing her Master of Science, Nursing degree, completed in 2017.  Again, she gained work experience.  Now she is a student in the doctoral program at Columbia aiming for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.  Program Director, Jamie Patton, states that “she has focused her clinical rotations in areas where she can care for underserved populations.  Her background as a mental health counselor will also serve her well in caring for children and adolescents.”

Abigail has wonderful references:
Clare Cardo. McKegney, Professor — “Abigail has maintained a professional and organized approach to her studies.  She is always prepared and brings an appropriate level of involvement in classroom discussion.”
Jamie Patton PNP, Program Director — “Abigail is a strong student in the classroom and in the clinical setting.  Her preceptors speak very highly of her and even requested she continue her rotations at their practices because of how hard working and competent Abigail is.  She is caring, bright, sincere, pursues her studies with diligence.

Kelsey Naruse

KelseyNaruseHeadshotThe Meland Foundation is pleased to announce Kelsey Naruse as one of our recent nurse scholarship winners.

Kelsey embodies attributes in her work and life that are encouraged and supported by the Meland Foundation.  Kelsey is a leader, both inside and outside the classroom.  She serves as a role model and resource for incoming nursing students as a “Columbia University School of Nursing Peer Mentor.”  And, in her undergraduate career, at Colby College, she also showed leadership when — for two years — she planned, supervised and fundraised for a group of 12 students to participate in a weeklong community service trip through volunteering at homeless shelters and soup kitchens in New York City.

Kelsey is enrolled in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Pediatic Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program at Columbia University School of Nursing.  Kelsey iOS registered as a full-time student for the Spring 2019 term.  She is expected to complete the program in July.

Kelsey has distinguished herself in her students and student clinical rotations.


IMG_3968Huruy Medlin

While many things about this applicant are out of the norm of our scholarship guidelines, the Meland board members who interviewed our selection as well as his references doubt we could award this scholarship to anyone who offers more hope and courage.

Our selection, Huruy Medlin, is described by his mentors as “thoroughly honest,” “remarkable,” and “extraordinary.”

His scholarship will be used for studies at Trocaire College in Buffalo, New York.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 11.12.46 AMHuruy Medlin is a refugee from Eritrea. He has been living in New Haven, Connecticut where he was mentored by Duane Isabella, a volunteer with IRIS, Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services.
Mr. Isabella helped Huruy get a GED, earn his citizenship, and find work but quickly discovered that Huruy was valuable in translating for other refugees and gave back as much as he received. This was confirmed by the IRIS director, Chris George.

Mr. Isabella discovered that Huruy wanted to continue studies, begun in Eritrea, to complete his nursing degree. Mr. Isabella’s wife is the chaplain at Yale and helped him connect Huruy with Heather Reynolds at Yale’s School of Nursing. She, in turn, helped him take courses at the local community college and ultimately led him to the program in which he is now enrolled in Buffalo. He is doing this slowly as he is working at the same time.

Mr. Isabella said he “couldn’t recommend anyone more thoroughly.”  Ms. Reynolds states that Huruy has a mission to give back and feels he will ultimately work with “marginal communities.”  Mr. George said he is someone who will “pay it forward.”